Online Bottle Sales Terms and Conditions

Without getting into all the legal details, here are the main points you must understand before purchasing bottles online from Cycle Brewing.

Cycle Brewing is selling only the bottles, it is up to the buyer to decide how they will receive them, either in person at the tap room or by shipping with Kolo Shipping – the only legal way to have your beer shipped to you at this point. Restrictions apply, please read about them at Koloshipping.com.

Kolo Shipping is acting as your courier, details on their policies and methods as well as pricing can be found on their website, koloshipping.com. Kolo Shipping is not Cycle Brewing in disguise, Kolo is an entirely separate entity and all questions regarding shipping should be directed to them. Cycle Brewing is not legally allowed to ship directly.

Cycle Brewing is not allowing proxy pick ups or trustees, the person who places the order is the only person who can receive the bottles, either through Kolo or at the tap room. In person, we need to verify your age and through Kolo the bottles will be shipped with 21+ age verification. Anybody under 21 attempting to get around the ID check will be banned. 

If you are organizing with friends for a shipment, have the recipient of the box be the person who places the order, combining shipments has too much potential for underage individuals placing orders and we must be as certain as we can be that everybody making a purchase of alcohol is 21+ years old.



When placing an order and using Kolo Shipping you must order your bottles and then go to Koloshipping.com to engage them for shipment. This is a bit of a drag and it would be nice to have Kolo be like picking UPS on the order page but as this is alcohol there are more steps and this is the big one. You simply need to pay Kolo for enough packing to cover your bottle order, enter your Cycle Brewing order number, and pay for shipping. Kolo can then come to Cycle to fulfill those orders, pack your bottles and they will be on the way.



Simply select tap room pick up at check out and your bottles will be held at the tap room for 30 days from your order date. After 30 days, your order will be forfeit barring extraordinary circumstances. You must bring valid photo ID, bringing your order confirmation will expedite the process. We can only process orders for the person who placed and paid for the order, NO PROXY OR TRUSTEE PICK UPS.   If at some point in that 30 days you realize you are not going to make it to the tap room, you can still engage Kolo Shipping to pick up and ship your order.